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Our mission is to bring the best self-care and lifestyle wellness experiences to our customers through innovative herbal blends, beverages, and accessories.

Whether you are embracing healthier habits, looking for some tasty delights, or a seasoned tea connoisseur we have something for you. Our online shop is always open and the tea-time accessories we offer continue to rotate, depending on what is available.

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Committed to Self-Care & Wellness

Tea Time Rituals is a woman, minority and veteran-owned company whose mission is to take you on immersive tea drinking experiences that pamper your senses and soothe your soul!
Our team works tirelessly to bring to your doorstep a unique selection of all-natural herbal tea blends and wellness accessories crafted with love to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle surrounded by the most enchanting and exquisite aromas!
The Tea Time Rituals tea selection includes exclusive tea blends that promise to take your taste buds by surprise while supporting your wellness!

Blog Posts

  • Which Is for You? Steeping or Decocting

    Which Is for You? Steeping or Decocting
    Do you ever wonder which brewing technique you actually prefer? Both methods can result in delicious cups of tea and both options have benefits, so we've provided a comparison to help you learn the differences between steeping and decocting. We are here to help you have amazing tea experiences!
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  • 3 Ways to Elevate Your Morning Routine

    3 Ways to Elevate Your Morning Routine
    There are many simple ways to set the tone for a great day and it all starts with a good morning routine. A good morning routine should center you, nourish you, and inspire you so that you are in a prime position to feel good all day. Here are 3 things that you can do to start your day right!
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