September 03, 2022

Which Is for You? Steeping or Decocting

By Nishisksi Chandler
Which Is for You? Steeping or Decocting

Do you ever wonder which brewing technique you actually prefer? Both options can result in delicious cups of tea and both options have benefits, so we've provided a comparison to help you learn the differences between steeping and decocting. We are here to help you have amazing tea experiences!

Brew #1: Steeping 

This brewing method is popular and requires a smaller time commitment. It is a great technique to use on-the-go and at home. With very little time and equipment you can get a comforting, beneficial and delicious result! We recommend steeping your tea around 10 minutes to one hour before indulging.

To achieve a quality brew using the steeping method avoid using foam cups. Studies have shown that foam cups absorb flavor molecules. If you are using loose leaf tea having a strainer or French Press on hand helps you have a smoother drinking experience. 

Overall, we love how easy this brewing method is. It works well when making tea with fresh or dried leaves and flowers. The only downside is, if you prefer loose leaf on-the-go you will need a strainer.

Brew #2: Decocting

This technique requires more equipment and time but provides the biggest bang for your buck. This method involves placing fresh or dried herbal material in a pot of water, bringing it to a boil for several minutes, and then letting it steep several hours. For maximum results, it is recommended to allow the herbs to steep in the water between four and twenty-four hours in the pot or glass vessel. This method provides a richer flavor profile, more antioxidants, and more of the medicinal properties of the herbs.

The prolonged heating in this method helps to extract heavier elements from these plant materials. This method is effective with herbal tea material including leaves, flowers, roots, and bark. Getting the flavor and beneficial properties out of roots and bark often requires more time than alternative methods. The biggest downside is that it may require more clean up than other brewing methods.

To sum it up, steeping is great for a quick cup of comfort and joy. If you are into achieving maximum flavor and maximum benefits, decocting is for you. Whether you like slow and rich or quick and delightful tea it's a win-win for everyone.